Agreement with the British Ministry of Transport

Best Practice among FEVIS Europe members and partners

The Musicians’ Union negotiated a general agreement with the Ministry of Transport in the UK. This agreement allowed them to issue a card that travelling musicians carry along with them as they tour with their instruments. This example of national best practice may inspire other national associations to do the same with their own Ministry of Transport.

However, the issue remains that of individual airlines, and this agreement has not been enough to answer all transportation issues related to musical instruments. Although the US has been very clear on their national regulation, European states have remained less straight forward in imposing strict rules to airlines.

Pearle and FIM have managed to include our instrument transportation needs in a draft proposal to the EU Parliament that will be voted in the coming months (see former article). “Hopefully EU legislation will provide a fairer and more level playing field for musicians” says Dave Webster, former London Region Senior Organiser at the Musicians’ Union.

In the meantime, national agreements with Minsitries of Transport could be seen as an option, without answering all current issues faced by musicians while traveling with their instruments.

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