Social Protection: time to tell your experience

On the Move is working together with other European Networks to gather field experiences on social protection while touring abroad. This experience will be shared with the European Commission through their “MOC” – coopeartion process. It will also be the occasion for us to find meaninful recommendations.

On the Move is conducting this survey following a request of the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC).

The goal of this survey is to gather, by means of a questionnaire, first-hand information and experiences on the current difficulties and obstacles encountered by artists and cultural professionals working across borders within the European Union.

The focus of the survey is to analyse to what extent current administrative practices in EU’s Member States in the field of social security and taxation impact on the mobility of artists and cultural professionals (eg. cultural mobility).

Your answers to the questionnaire will help us to review the most pressing obstacles and problems deriving from the application of EU & national legislation related to social security rights and taxation within the EU.

There are two questionnaires (click below):

– For artists and cultural professionals

– For employers and organisations in the cultural sector.

We have tried to make these two questionnaires as precise and concise as possible. Thanks for your time (estimated at 15 minutes) to take part in this survey.

Please send us your answers before the 31st of October.


On the Move is conducting this survey following the request of the European Expert Network on Culture.

On the Move has been developing this survey in close collaboration with its members as well as associated partners. OTM would like to thank for their valuable feedback to the questionnaires: International Federation of Actors (FIA), BAAPE, Interarts Foundation (EENC coordinator), IG Kultur-Austria, Theatre Info Finland (TINFO), Trans Artists, European Council of Artists (ECA), Kunstenloket, and Dansehallerne (OTM members) as well as PEARLEECAS and FEVIS (associated partners).


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