Partnership with European research institutions

What is a European independent ensembles? In Germany, it is a collective group where musicians are all equal. In France, it is a group of musicians gathered for a specific project around a leader, an “entrepreneur”. In Spain, it is an ensemble that renews the idea of “classical music” into a blend of so-called “art music” and popular music…

What is the independent spirit? The specificities of their economy and life cycle? Are they more effective and efficient in the way they reach audiences? Are they more innovative?Are they more mobile and therefore do they represent and convey European image and branding worldwide, or are they more locally rooted in a geographic area, to guarantee more impact on people?

Is being “independent” rooted in European identity?

Our European study will answer all these questions. We are proud to announce that our partnership with research institutions is about to be settled. 5 European institutions and a US lab are already on board to submit this research project to the European Commission through Creative Europe. The CESSP lab in Paris and the Université Paris I Sorbonne are the leader institutions on this project.



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